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There is something about tea that is absolutely special. Its beautiful blend of aroma, taste, and warmth perfectly complements both conversation and contemplation. Tea has been cultivated, consumed, and celebrated by many cultures around the world. It has a history as rich and varied as memory itself.

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Subpar artificially flavored tea from the grocery store is not our thing. Mad Tea Club is an attempt to bring all the world’s diverse and quality teas under one roof. Here, you can discover and compare best products from the most awesome tea brands online. This is an exclusive club for tea lovers and all it takes for you to join is an undying appreciation for tea.

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to discover new exciting tea styles and flavors, best tea brands and online stores.

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Tea types: black, green, oolong, white, pu-erh and rooibos. We cover them all.

Indian black tea


Where does tea come from? Search tea by the country of origin.

types of tea loose leaf


Herbal and Flavored: some of the fave tea flavors and botanical ingredients.

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Health benefits of tea, facts, research. Find a healthy tea that is right for you.

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