Assam Tea: easy guide, top 10 best teas

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Last updated: August 28, 2019 at 17:53 pm

What is Assam tea?

Assam black tea is named after the region where it grows, the world-renowned Assam Valley of North East India.

Tasting notes

This is a strong, bold, malty, full-bodied, “breakfast” type of tea. Assam drinkers appreciate its “smooth, rich flavor and feel” with “honey-like sweet aftertaste”. “If you want a BLACK tea, this is it!”, they say. Also, it’s “a great tea to try with a touch of milk”.

Tea tips

Consider Assam tea as an alternative to coffee: it would allow you to cut down on caffeine substantially, still providing with the necessary pick-me-up so needed in the morning. It is strong enough to start off the most challenging day and refuel you all the way through.

What kind of Assam would make a perfect cup of tea for you? Here are some points to consider when buying Assam:

  • First flush / second flush. These are two harvesting seasons in Assam. First harvest (flush) is in spring, second flush delivers more flavorful summer tea.
  • Single Estate/Garden Tea. These are elite of the Indian Teas. Produced from a single tea garden and often processed, packed, and shipped directly from the source, these are the freshest, highest quality teas available on the market.
  • Popular Blends. Assam Black teas are robust, full-bodied and make a great base for some of the most popular tea blends in the world including English Breakfast & Masala Chai teas.
This exquisite, best-selling Second Flush is a crown of Assam teas, handpicked from the choicest estates in Assam and blended in-house by our skilled master blenders. A delectable malty cup of tea featuring hints of wood and the fresh aroma of a ripe fruit. The brownish-black leaves are small, lightly-rolled, and are interspersed with short flakes and ample golden tips...
A specialty blend, from the divine region of Assam, soaked in an enticing aroma of Oakwood smoke. A malty Assam summer tea sourced from aged chi-nary bushes that results in a lively cup! The blackish-brown long leaves are loosely hand-rolled and are interspersed with treasured buds. It carries the impressive aroma of black tea cured in oak wood smoke...
Assam's Mangalam estate is another of our must-haves every summer. The entire estate has been planted with clonal tea bushes. Their orthodox teas are a benchmark in golden tippy orthodox Assam teas. They are mellow but make a flavorful malty cup.
There's a lot to love about this tippy black tea. It comes from the oldest estate in Assam that has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the best orthodox loose-leaf black teas. It's tipped with flavors that are sweet, fruity, and just sharp enough. Perfect for a refreshing sip in the morning.
œGolden Tips refer to the distinct kind of bud grown by this tea varietal. These larger buds are carefully roasted and give the tea a noticeably malty flavor. A rich, full-bodied, Assam tea that teases your palate without overpowering your taste buds. Ghograjan Tea Estate is a 5th generation family run estate in the renowned tea belt of Upper Assam. Its history d..
A rare green tea from Assam, India. Its deep green leaves are replete with fragrance of flowers and hits of smoke. The infusion is light, floral and a bit smoky. As it cools, fruity notes of plum and apricot come to the fore, along with hint of grassiness. Overall, a complex and very enjoyable cup. A worthy addition to the Indian green tea pantheon. Please give it a t..
STRONG, BOLD & FLAVOURY BLACK TEA LEAVES - A robust, rich & aromatic, bright liquoring LONG LEAF English tea, sourced directly from high elevation tea plantations in India. A delicious caffeinated black tea to kickstart your mornings every day. 100% Pure Unblended Single Region Tea. Unlike organic black teas, such as Irish breakfast tea, Scottish Breakfast tea or English breakfast tea decaffeinated, this black tea loose leaf, loose tea can be used to make Kombucha tea also.
Black Tea. From the Assam region of the flat lands of Northern India rises this incredibly smooth malty tea with lots of character. It steeps a rich golden infusion and may be steeped multiple times. For the coffee lover looking to expand his or her horizons, this is the solution.Caffeine Content: Medium Rich, Malty, Vegetal
Bold, powerful black tea from the Assam region of India. A deep, burgundy-red cup and roasted grain aroma, malty rich flavor with notes of raisins. Pungent but smooth astringency, making this tea an ideal cup to pair with milk and sugar. This outstanding Assam comes from a favorite garden of ours, Mangalam Estate.
Single-estate loose leaf Assam tea Origin: India, Assam Valley. If strength is your weakness, then Assam is your tea. This tea is from the Doomni Estate in the Assam valley in northeast India along the rich and fertile banks of the Brahamaputra River is prized for its heartiness and tart, malty flavor and aroma. A strong, full-liquoring tea, slightly floral and sweetl..

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