Assam Tea: easy guide, top 10 best teas

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What is Assam tea?

Assam black tea is named after the region where it grows, the world-renowned Assam Valley of North East India.

Tasting notes

This is a strong, bold, malty, full-bodied, “breakfast” type of tea. Assam drinkers appreciate its “smooth, rich flavor and feel” with “honey-like sweet aftertaste”. “If you want a BLACK tea, this is it!”, they say. Also, it’s “a great tea to try with a touch of milk”.

Tea tips

Consider Assam tea as an alternative to coffee: it would allow you to cut down on caffeine substantially, still providing with the necessary pick-me-up so needed in the morning. It is strong enough to start off the most challenging day and refuel you all the way through.

What kind of Assam would make a perfect cup of tea for you? Here are some points to consider when buying Assam:

  • First flush / second flush. These are two harvesting seasons in Assam. First harvest (flush) is in spring, second flush delivers more flavorful summer tea.
  • Single Estate/Garden Tea. These are elite of the Indian Teas. Produced from a single tea garden and often processed, packed, and shipped directly from the source, these are the freshest, highest quality teas available on the market.
  • Popular Blends. Assam Black teas are robust, full-bodied and make a great base for some of the most popular tea blends in the world including English Breakfast & Chai teas.

Top 10 Best Assam Teas

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