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buddha teas reviews

Buddha Teas believes that a good cup of tea is not simply a beverage, but an experience designed to nourish the body and satisfy the soul. We strive to offer this experience to everyone through our vast collection of fresh, naturally grown herbal teas.

Teas –

Wholesome teas created with the idea to help you balance your physical, spiritual, emotional state.  Extensive diverse selection of hundreds of flavors and botanical ingredients. From classic black and green teas  and herbal favorites like chamomile and mint tea to rare and hard to find botanicals, Buddha Tea presents the whole world of tea. Black, green, herbal, decaf tea blends.

Packaging –

Loose leaf tea, unbleached teabags, gift sets

Certifications –

Kosher, Organic

What We Love –

One of the largest collections of rare botanical ingredients. Sarsaparilla Root Tea, anyone?

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buddha teas reviews

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If you are a tea enthusiast in search of something different, turmeric ginger tea is a perfect choice for adding some variety to your tea-drinking habits. This tea is crafted from two traditional ...


Lavender tea is one of the most well-known herbal teas, made from a flower that is loved and admired both for its appearance and lovely fragrance.  


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