Calming Stress Relief Teas. Top 10 Best “Sleep Teas”

Natural remedies for anxiety in your cup of tea

Herbal teas are traditional and well known natural remedies for anxiety. Calming and relaxing teas provide natural anxiety relief and proved to be effective for relaxation, meditation, and peaceful through-the-night sleep.

Tea lovers around the world, rejoice!

Of course, a hot cup of tea is the best thing in the world to wake up to. But did you know that tea can also serve as your daily nightcap and help with anxiety relief? Naturally! A number of herbal teas, specially prepared to help sleep and relax, exists around the world. Their mildly sedative nature, coupled with soothing aromas, make them the perfect herbal remedies for anxiety and natural alternative to stress relief and sleep medication.

So, how does tea help you relax?

Isn’t tea supposed to be invigorating in nature? Well, that’s true. But that refreshed feeling you get after sipping a cup of tea comes mainly from its caffeine content. Sleep inducing and stress relief teas are mostly sourced from special flowers, barks and roots with calming properties, instead of the leaves of the tea plant. We often use the word ‘tisane’ to refer to these caffeine-free herbal calming teas.

Meet the magic ingredients in your relaxing “sleep tea”

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Stress relief tea can take the shape of single ingredient brews or specially crafted blends. But by and large, the following are the ingredients you can look for while picking out your next bedtime calming tea.

  • Chamomile flower. The base ingredient in some of the world’s most popular herbal teas, the Chamomile flower is known for its potent combination of a welcoming fragrance and stress relieving properties. Gently easing a day’s worth of tension out of your muscles, Chamomile tea helps you unwind and gradually drift into a peaceful state of sleep.
  • Kava Kava root. Another popular source of relaxing sleep tea, the Kava Kava root specializes in inhibiting your stress hormones. It thus provides mental relaxation, which ultimately helps you feel physically at ease.
  • Jasmine flower. Used in a number of herbal relaxing teas, Jasmine flower petals offer a subtle balance of taste and aroma, creating a light, fragrant brew that can beautifully partner some relaxed reading before bed.
  • Lavender flower. Herbal teas sourced from Lavender have a characterizing floral fragrance. They make a lovely calming tea when mixed with honey, and are known for their long term benefits in regulating your sleep cycles.
  • Licorice root. Licorice root has additional medicinal properties to complement its soothing nature. Try it for improved digestion, as a weight loss supplement, or if you’re prone to frequent throat troubles.
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A little more taste to go with your calming stress-relief tea

A little extra warmth is always appreciated on a chilly evening. Spices such as cardamom and cinnamon can be great for that warm, cozy feeling on a winter night. Other additives such as basil and lemongrass can bring a subtle herbal flavor to your tea. If you’re more inclined towards a smoother taste, try honey, caramel or vanilla flavors.

Unwind with a cup of relaxing herbal tea, and bid adieu to stress, sleeplessness, and anxiety. To more tea (and more relaxation) in our lives!

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