Cinnamon Spiced Tea

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Cinnamon Spiced Tea

  • Welcoming, sweet, autumnal

Spiced tea varieties

  • Black tea, Oolong, Rooibos

Tea tips

  • Flavor pairings that work: apple, peach, cardamom
  • Cinnamon adds sweetness without sugar; try cinnamon and other spiced tea blends with a splash of milk for an ultimate holiday treat

10 best cinnamon spiced teas to buy online

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Cinnamon black tea

A widely used ingredient since ancient times, cinnamon is prized for its slightly spicy taste. It blends wonderfully with black tea from China. This tea is best enjoyed with a dash of milk. Black China tea with scent of cinnamon


Black tea, cinnamon bark, orange peels, natural spice flavor, cardamom inclusion loose, cloves inclusion loose, ginger root, natural ginger flavor and natural cinnamon flavor. The tea to get you into the holiday spirit! This blend of bright, tangy Ceylon black tea flavored with warm cinnamon, ...

Matcha Cinnamon Apple

Matcha tea and matcha flavor - apple cinnamonwhip up the perfect froth. Matcha, the focal point of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, is a fine powder made by grinding green tea leaves. Only the finest, young, shade-grown gyokuro tea leaves are used to create matcha. The leaves are plucked and laid out ...

Aztec Spice

Organic Pu-erh Tea, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Honeybush, Organic Cocoa Nibs, Organic Safflower, Organic Chili Flakes, Ground Chocolate* (sugar, cocoa-processed w/alkali, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin, vanilla), Natural Flavors*Contains Soy. Spice up your palate with this rich, exotic blend ...

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