Dandelion Tea


Dandelion tea

  • Holistic, natural, grassy

Dandelion tea varieties

  • Herbal tea, black tea

Tea tips

  • Flavor pairings that work: mint, lemon, chamomile, touch of honey
  • Dandelion tea is traditionally used for slimming, cleansing, detox

Benefits of dandelion tea

Backyard nuisance or new power food? Nowadays, dandelion might be considered as a weed, however, this is a long known and very respectable remedy in alternative medicine. Both leaves and roots of dandelion are used for holistic infusions. Dandelion is notable for its anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. It also works as a mild natural laxative. It helps body move fluids through faster and clean body of substances like toxins and excess of sugar. Alternative medicine traditionally utilizes dandelion tea for liver detox, reducing bloating, fighting diabetes naturally as well as soothing and preventing urinary tract infections. Given all these healing qualities, it seems natural for dandelion to appear as the main ingredient in most popular and effective slimming and detox teas on the market.

5 best Dandelion teas to buy online

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#1 Amazon Best Seller Dandelion Root Tea - Raw Organic Vitamin Rich Digestive

Kiss Me Organics' Raw Dandelion Root Tea is not only delicious, it's 100% certified organic, has anti-inflammatory properties, and contains essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

Coco Loco Organic Black Tea

Coco Loco Organic Black Tea

Organic pu-erh tea, Organic roasted cocoa nibs, Organic roasted dandelion root, Organic yerba maté, Organic coconut flakes, Organic long pepper, Organic cardamom, Organic vanilla bean. Fans of chocolate and coconut will rejoice in this satiating organic blend of Pu-Er tea, cacao nibs, Yerba Maté, ...

Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion Root Tea

A rich earthy tea from the root of dandelions. Dandelions may be known today as a weed, but dandelion root tea dates back hundreds of years, and is a widely respected herbal tea tradition.

Dandelion Leaf Tea

Dandelion Leaf Tea

An intriguing infusion of dandelion leaves. Although you may think of dandelions as common weeds to be eradicated, they are actually a useful and tasty food source, especially when brewed into a tea.

Pure Detox Tea

Pure Detox Tea

Tulsi, dandelion root, mulberry leaf, sarsaparilla, safflower, lemon oil, . Natural botanical ingredients like tulsi, dandelion root, mulberry leaf, and sarsaparilla help to cleanse the body and promote proper function.*


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