Earl Grey Tea: easy guide, top 12 best teas

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Last updated: August 29, 2019 at 16:10 pm

Earl Grey: flavor highlights 

Easily one of the most iconic beverages out there, Earl Grey tea is synonymous with a full-bodied, refreshing cup of goodness. Yet, a little bit of research will show you that there isn’t just one magical recipe or form to this famous tea. In fact, an Earl Grey can be fashioned out of any type of black tea, black tea blend, or even green tea, provided it is flavored with oil of bergamot. Oil of bergamot – a citrus fruit with sweet-sour notes varying between orangey and lemony – is what gives Earl Grey tea its classy, delectable flavor. Imagine a cup of strong black tea infused with uplifting floral and citrus notes, and you’ll know why Britain – and the rest of the world – has been addicted to Earl Grey for 200 years.

A little history

Though Earl Grey tea is inseparably linked to British tea drinking traditions, its origins are in fact older – and further east. Chinese tea masters have since time immemorial crafted beautiful flavored teas by incorporating fragrant flowers and savory fruits into their tea leaves during the processing stage. The 2nd Earl of Grey, who also served as the Prime Minister of the UK in the early 19th century, was the lucky recipient of one such specially crafted brew prepared by a Mandarin tea master. As the story goes, the tea master scented the tea with oil of bergamot to offset the lime-rich well water in Earl Grey’s Northumberland Estate. The resulting flavored tea was an instant hit in Earl Grey’s household, followed by London society, followed by the rest of the world that continues to relish it today.

Tasting notes

Earl Grey tea makes a “rich and full bodied” brew, with a “nice bouquet of notes”. Classic black tea versions blend “strong, invigorating” flavors with “a gentle bergamot essence”. They are “delicious hot with a little honey”, perfect for an early morning cuppa. Modern Earl Grey teas often feature green tea bases (or black and green tea blends), which make the tea “delicate”“more complex and interesting”. Green tea based Earl Greys are generally milder, and considered “ideal for a relaxed Saturday afternoon”. Floral additives such as jasmine or lavender are often added to make the tea more “nuanced” and “fragrant”.

Tea tips

A cup of strong black tea based Earl Grey can be paired with milk, cream and vanilla to soften it. You can also try Earl Grey variants that feature lavender, jasmine or orange peel. If you’re looking to primarily relish a subtle bergamot flavor, try Lady Grey or green Earl Grey tea.

Blended with two of our favorite ingredients, bergamot and lavender, this version of the classic Earl Grey tea is hard to resist. The scents that rise from the cup transport you to an English garden in full bloom.
So we got all this Earl Grey Tea, and we got pretty excited. We thought, how can we make our tea stand out from those other yahoo's and their run of the mill teas... So we thought, first, let's make it USDA Organic, certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF). Done. Next, let's make that tea Batch Tested and Verified Gluten-Free. Complete. Then we t..
High-grown Ceylon and China black teas are combined with the smoky citrus notes of Bergamot fruit. An elegant, balanced and full-flavored classic cup.
Our blend of organic black teas are hand picked from select gardens in Sri Lanka. The full bodied leaves are then blended with precious oil of bergamot to create a superb citrus bouquet and great finish. Make your afternoon tea-time perfect with this timeless classic.
For many years, Stash Earl Grey Tea has been a favorite of tea lovers. Many people seem to love the careful balance of citrusy oil of bergamot and the blend of fine black teas which our Earl Grey blend is famous for. Certain Earl Grey fanatics have grown especially fond of the top grade Calabrian oil of bergamot that we use and have asked for more,. ..More,. .. MORE!..
This classic English tea is crafted from black tea leaves infused with oil of bergamot for a stimulating citrus zest in every sip.
Green tea, orange peels, natural bergamot flavor and blue cornflowers. Earl Grey Green tea represents a different take on a classic combination: Indian black tea with tangy bergamot flavor. It features a fresh green tea with a delicious crisp texture that pairs perfectly with the orange rind zestiness of the bergamot. Earl Grey Green has a pleasantly dry finish wit..
An exquisite green tea with a deliciously floral & citrusy palate. Expertly curated by blending intricately mellow green teas from Darjeeling with the natural oil of the bergamot fruit, this tea is an interesting take on the original English blend prepared with black tea. Bergamot fruit is a pear shaped sour-orange grown in Italy which pairs very well with tea. The cu..
Black tea, licorice root, mallow flowers, bergamot, citrus & vanilla flavoring. Blender's Notes:This unique blend takes Earl Grey to invigorating new heights by melding traditional bergamot flavoring with full leaf black tea alongside perfect proportions of citrus, vanilla, licorice root, and mallow flowers. The result is a captivating aroma and a deep liquor with..

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