English Breakfast Tea: easy guide, top 10 best teas

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Last updated: August 27, 2019 at 23:43 pm

English Breakfast tea and Irish Breakfast are some of the most popular traditional blended teas.

How are the tea blends made?

Teas from different regions with different characters can be mixed to achieve new, dimensional flavors. The art and the challenge of tea blending is to get a consistent result with every batch. Once the tea master successfully created a new tea blend, he would need to be able to reproduce it, again and again, so the loyal customer would get the same exactly cup of their favorite English Breakfast every morning.

Black tea is a great starting point for the tea producers to get creative with blends and flavors. Some blends are made with additional flavoring agents like fruits and spices, others only include different types of Camellia Sinensis leaves.

What is the difference between English Breakfast and English Afternoon tea?

There are two main types of traditional black tea blends – morning blends (English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast) and afternoon blends (English Afternoon). Mornings blends are full bodied, rich, and robust, usually based on Assam, Ceylon, and Kenyan teas. Whether to have it with milk and sugar is up to you. However, that’s a longstanding British custom – indeed. Afternoon blends are the lighter, refreshing types of tea.

Tasting notes

Close your eyes while brewing a good English Breakfast tea and you may find yourself dreaming of misty mountains, or freshly tilled fields compliments of the deep, earthy scents and smokey undertones. The strong, rich teas are perfectly suited to a bit of cream or milk and won’t fail to wake you up and get you going. The strong flavor will hold up to the heartiest of breakfasts and coldest of mornings.

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Peppy and unabashedly euphoric, the flavors in this breakfast blend are bold, uplifting and utterly stimulating. Perfect with a dash of milk, an Irish breakfast tea is your bet for a pick-me-up tonic in the mornings, and then every other hour of the day
Rich and robust, this stays true to the classic English breakfast, Its stand-out features are its flavors that are of a progressively gradient nature. They start mellow and sweet going all the way to strong and high-fired. Along the way, you taste notes of honey and malt, with a hint of tobacco.
This new American black tea blend combines bold flavor, rich color, & full body with hints of chocolate. This robust breakfast blend is made from our favorite strong black teas from high altitude estates in China, India and Sri Lanka. We have combined these black teas with pu'erh, an aged black tea from Yunnan China, and dark chocolate essence. This tea yields a r..
STRONG, BOLD & FLAVOURY BLACK TEA LEAVES - A robust, rich & aromatic, bright liquoring LONG LEAF English tea, sourced directly from high elevation tea plantations in India. A delicious caffeinated black tea to kickstart your mornings every day. 100% Pure Unblended Single Region Tea. Unlike organic black teas, such as Irish breakfast tea, Scottish Breakfast tea or English breakfast tea decaffeinated, this black tea loose leaf, loose tea can be used to make Kombucha tea also.
Organic Black Tea. Robust with flavor, our traditional blend of organic black tea is perfect for starting the day. It brews smooth and malty, with a clean finish. Approx. 2.5oz (24 cups) per tin.Caffeine Content: Medium Robust, Full Body, Smooth
English Breakfast is a full-bodied black tea blend that goes well with a traditional English breakfast. The original cup was made with black Keemun tea from Anhui province in China. Across many generations, plenty of different interpretations of this famous blend have been made. Our English Breakfast stays close to the classic. Made from top quality black Keemun..
Our classic breakfast tea is a rich combination of strong, full-bodied and robust teas handpicked from the finest estates of Assam and goes perfectly with a dash of milk and sugar. English Breakfast is among the most popular tea blends in the world. Popularized by the Queen Victoria of England, it is traditionally paired with a hearty English breakfast. Assam is known..
Our Shagadelic English Breakfast tea combines four gorgeous, full leaf, black teas from three different countries, resulting in a deep, rich, well-balanced liquor. This British tea favorite is fit for the Queen, but lighthearted enough for Austin Powers.

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