Tea Party Photoblog: free photos for download

Free photos with your cup of tea?

You heard that right. Tea party in Mad Tea Club means free photos. We’re now offering a selection of high resolution royalty free images for your website or blog. It isn’t as extensive a collection as you’d find on major stock photo sites. But what we do have is images curated for people who love tea, serenity, and all things pretty. So, if your website needs some good tea photography, lifestyle photos, landscape shots, or still life photos featuring elegant teaware, pretty flowers, and the occasional cat, you can get them for free on this page.

But there must be a catch, right?

No. We know how tiring it can get to have to rely on stock images or realize you need to pay for that beautiful photo you just found. Which is why you’re free to download as many photos as you like from this page, without watermarks, and at absolutely zero charge.

We just have two simple conditions

  1. Let us know where you’ll publish our royalty free images. We just want to make sure that our photos aren’t featured on spam websites or alongside inappropriate content. So while placing a request for free photos from Mad Tea Club, give us the URL of the page where you’ll publish them. We reserve the right to reject a request if we feel that the website doesn’t meet our quality criteria. We cannot approve the download if final URL is not provided.
  2. Give us the credit. The free photos listed below are original works of Mad Tea Club. They aren’t general stock photos. So while using any royalty free images from Mad Tea Club, you’ll need to explicitly acknowledge our authorship.
cup of tea free photos for download

So, how do you get your free high-resolution images?

In order to get any of the photos below in high resolution, free of watermarks, and free of charge, email your request to editor@madteaclub.com. Don’t forget to provide the URL of your website. This offer does NOT extend to all images on madteaclub.com – just to the images on the Photoblog page. Please note these photos are not suitable for printing; we advise to limit them to web usage only.

Feel free

From tea photos to lovely landscapes, they’re all part of the free photo collection below. Take a look and find something nice (and free) for your website or blog.

Come back soon! New photos will be posted regularly.

Cherry blossom trees and a cup of cherry tea

Using cherry flowers for infusing tea is rooted in Japanese tradition. Both green and black teas are can be infused with sakura blossoms and leaves. The cherry flowering season might be short, but it’s nothing short of magical!Related article:All photos on this page are available for free download. ...

Spring. Time for some first flush Darjeeling.

Spring has sprung and my first flush Darjeeling arrived in teamail. First flush Darjeeling is a black tea like no other, delicate and floral, with mild pleasant astringency and honey-like aftertaste. Totally justifies its nickname The Champagne Of Teas. Cheers! Related post: All photos on ...

Tea cup, frozen yellow roses and snowfall in progress

Frozen roses, left out cup of tea, spring was right there just yesterday. This frozen still life was captured March 21, 2018 in tri-state area. After a beautiful spring-like sunny day we woke up to looming snowstorm and blizzard warning. Snow started to fall around 10am and by the end of the day we ...


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