Fruity Rooibos


Fruity Rooibos Tea

  • Kid-friendly, crowd-pleasing, juicy

Key Ingredients

  • Berries, peach, apricot, cherries, mango


  • Vanilla, mallow flowers, marigolds, citrus grind, mint


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Top 5 best fruity rooibos teas to buy online

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Rooibos Mango

Rooibos tea, natural mango flavor, apple pieces, mango pieces and marigold flowers. A lush, fruity and mellow cup of caffeine free goodness. The tropical aroma pairs perfectly with the naturally sweet organic rooibos. Delicate deep fruity notes from the rooibos, against the creamy texture and ...

Rooibos Tropics

Rooibos tea, pineapple pieces, natural coconut flavor and natural pineapple flavor. Get swept away to paradise with this wonderful blend of organic Rooibos herbal tea and the tropical flavors of coconut and pineapple. Even on a dreary, cold day you can be transported to a sunny beach by enjoying ...

Rooibos Berry

Rooibos tea, strawberries, raspberries and natural forest berries flavor. Rooibos is a very mellow cup on its own, with some subtle, deep fruity notes. This comes from the sun-curing process the fresh herb goes through during harvest. Paired with ripe summer berries, our Rooibos Berry tea is ...

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