Green Rooibos

What is Green Rooibos tea?

Green Rooibos tea is unfermented version of Rooibos, the South African plant of legume family with needle-like leaves. It is more expensive, as additional processing is required to prevent oxidation.

What kind of tea is it?

Naturally caffeine free, lighter and more grassy than traditional Rooibos, smooth and sweet, never bitter.

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Top 5 best green rooibos teas to buy online

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Keep Fit, Organic

Organic green tea, organic green rooibos, organic lemon myrtle. Blender's Notes:Cold Infusions are organic single-serving cold brew tea packs that pair with Steep & Go to make fresh brewed tea on-the-go. Each pack makes up to 24 oz of tea. Simply cold brew for 10-15 minutes in chilled or room ...

Green Rooibos

Green rooibos is harvested from the same South African plant as the traditional red rooibos but is processed differently. Whereas the red rooibos leaves are bruised and oxidized, the green rooibos leaves are specially treated to prevent oxidation, leaving them closer to their natural state. The ...

Green Rooibos Bonita Iced Tea

Full-leaf herbal tea in pouches that make iced tea easy and delicious. Simply place overnight in a pitcher of water. Awake to find a tea rich in flavor and aroma. Combines green Rooibos with peaches, strawberries and citrus. Naturally caffeine-free. Makes 40 ounces.

Lemon Meringue (Caffeine Free)

Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Orange Peel, Organic Rose Petals, Organic Cornflowers, Natural Flavors. One cannot resist the tart, lemony goodness of lemon meringue. We've captured this popular dessert-y favorite from its light, fluffy texture to its sweet, creamy finish. This sip-able fantasy ...

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