Gunpowder tea (Zhu Cha): easy guide, top 7 best teas

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Last updated: September 19, 2019 at 9:39 am

What is Gunpowder tea?

Gunpowder tea (Zhu Cha) is a common name for a variety of Chinese green tea originating from Zhejiang Province. The tea gets its name from the appearance of its hand-rolled, pellet-like leaves. It also stays true to its name in terms of taste, offering a full-bodied, smoky feel and flavor that is retained within its tightly rolled leaves.

Tasting notes

Bold, powerful, astringent, slightly smoky. This one is higher in caffeine than most other green teas. It also has a well-balanced mix of notes to suit both coffee drinkers and green tea lovers. Green tea connoisseurs describe this as “earthy” and “bold flavored”, with a “surprisingly subtle sweet aftertaste”. The ‘practically’ inclined appreciate the fact that it’s always “good for an extra re-brew”.

A cool twist

Gunpowder, together with spearmint leaves, is one of the two core ingredients of the refreshing and soothing Moroccan Mint tea. Traditionally, it is consumed with lots of sugar.

Tea tips

Finest Gunpowder tea can be identified by small, shiny, tightly rolled leaves that preserve the flavor for greater lengths of time. In general, the smaller the pellets, the higher the quality of your Gunpowder tea.

Organic Gunpowder green tea is traditionally created by plucking high grade long tea leaves from the tea trees, by hand-rolling them into small tight pellet shapes (also like discoid flower). The whole leaf is used in processing, so this tea when brewed allows the pellets to unfurl and dance in the hot water to produce a beautiful yellowish green, fresh and brisk taste.
The tea bush traces its noble lineage from a family of high-mountain Camellia plants. Numi's Gunpowder Green tea is gently steamed within hours of being plucked, and then skillfully hand-rolled into small, tight pearls. This process preserves its delicate flavor and aroma for far longer than other green teas. Steeped in hot water, the leaves unfurl, releasing a well..
A smoky green tea made from rolled tea leaves. The rolled green tea leaves of gunpowder help to preserve the essence of the tea, providing a potent aromatic and flavorful experience sure to entice any green tea connoisseur.
Gunpowder is a classic green tea from Zhejiang province, China. As the name implies, Gunpowder tea is made up of leaves hand-rolled into tiny pellets. These resemble gunpowder, and give this tea its distinct name. Full-bodied cup with a hint of smokiness and a smooth mouthfeel. Blend Gunpowder tea with spearmint to create the famous 'Moroccan Mint' tea.
Green tea, spearmintView our full collection of mint teas.. Blender's Notes:Our Moroccan Mint is true to the classic, a strong and smoky rolled green gunpowder tea with bright uplifting spearmint leaves. Perfect as an afternoon pick-me-up or appetite suppressant, Moroccan Mint green tea also makes a delicious digestif, or after-dinner drink. This is a great tea to col..
Premium loose leaf gunpowder tea Origin: China. The leaves of this green tea are rolled into the shape of little pinhead pellets resembling gunpowder, hence its name. Gunpowder green tea tastes bold & lightly smoky, also lending to its name. Gunpowder tea leaves stay fresh longer than any other green tea leaves due to its compressed form. Gunpowder green is higher in..

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