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What is Gyokuro green tea?

A very special (and pricey) Japanese green tea. Gyokuro is also poetically called Jade Dew, which is a literal translation from Japanese.  It accounts for less than a half percent of all Japanese teas produced. This treasured tea is grown under the shade of straw covers for about 3 weeks prior harvesting. That allows to slow down the leaf’s growth. As a result, tea leaves grow thinner and tender, accumulating more amino acids and flavor.

What kind of tea is it?

Gyokuro produces pale green (hence the name) infusion, balanced and delicate, with very little astringency. Gyokuro is praised for its complex flavor with sweet grassy notes and mellow “steamed” taste characteristic to the finest of Japanese teas.


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Gyokuro Green Tea

An exquisite and complex Japanese green tea. It also known as Jade Dew Drop tea, is one of the finest, most expensive and highly sought after Japanese green tea that has been noted for its complex, refined flavor.


Gyokuro, a shade grown steamed green tea, is among the finest of Japanese teas. While the young leaves of the spring season develop, the tea plants are shaded from sun for several weeks. This slows the growth allowing, tea leaves more time to develop depth and flavor. The sun-deprived leaves are ...

Premium 1st Flush Yame Gyokuro Japanese Green Tea

Top-grade from the Yame region, known for its tea making traditions. First-flush, handmade premium japanese tea. Contains only tender leaf tips and has a sweet and slightly fruity taste. 

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