Indian Black Tea

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India is traditionally known to produce some of the finest black teas in the world. The flavors vary from one tea producing region to another. Assam black teas are robust, full-bodied, while Darjeelings have natural muscatel flavor, delightful and delicate character. Nilgiri teas are known for their intense aroma and unique briskness.

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10 best Indian black teas to buy online

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Blue Mountain Nilgiri, Organic

Organic & Fair Trade Black TeaSingle-estate premium loose leaf tea Origin: India, Nilgiri Mountains. 100% Organic & Fair TradeThese rich burgundy leaves from India's Nilgiri Mountains steep into a bright amber liquor, with a well-rounded body that floats on your palate with hints of ripe summer ...

BIHU Bold Assam Tea (Triple Pack) 3×20 Pyramid Tea Bags

Experience the rich flavor of Assam in BIHU Bold tea. This brisk energizing tea comes to you from the world-renowned Assam Valley of North East India. Strong, full-bodied and aromatic, BIHU Bold brews to a smooth and satisfying cup – a great way to jumpstart your morning and refuel your day. ...

1st Flush Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling “Limited Edition”

This wonderful Indian Darjeeling is the best first flush that we have ever had the privilege of tasting, and is available in very strictly limited quantities, so don't miss out! We only have limited stock quantity of Darjeeling Margaret's Hope First Flush available, and it is already proving ...

Assam Harmony

Bold, powerful black tea from the Assam region of India. A deep, burgundy-red cup and roasted grain aroma, malty rich flavor with notes of raisins. Pungent but smooth astringency, making this tea an ideal cup to pair with milk and sugar. This outstanding Assam comes from a favorite garden of ...

Assam Golden Tips by Ghograjan Estate

“Golden Tips” refer to the distinct kind of bud grown by this tea varietal. These larger buds are carefully roasted and give the tea a noticeably malty flavor. A rich, full-bodied, Assam tea that teases your palate without overpowering your taste buds. Ghograjan Tea Estate is a 5th generation ...

Assam Tea Sachets, Organic

Premium Assam Tea Sachets Origin: Banaspaty Estate, IndiaTea Grade: FTGFOP. Our Assam pyramid sachets brew a full-bodied mug of bronze-colored tea, with rich notes of honey. Assam tea is the classic base for English breakfast and Irish breakfast teas. Our esteemed large leaf single-estate Assam is ...

Darjeeling Puttabong Summer

Black tea from the famous Darjeeling region of India. This summer harvest tea comes to us from one of our favorites, Puttabong Estate. These tea gardens are some of the highest in the world, at 6000 feet above sea level. At these high altitudes, the tea leaves grow more slowly, and have more time ...

The Tao of Tea, First Flush Darjeeling Black Tea, Loose Leaf

The Tao of Tea, First Flush Darjeeling Black Tea, Loose Leaf

Irish Blend

Irish Blend is a tasty blend of two black teas from India: a light, aromatic Darjeeling with notes of Muscat grape, and an Assam tea that is known for being naturally full-bodied with a round flavour. This subtle and deliciously balanced blend will delight those who like intense teas. black Assam ...

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