White Darjeeling Tea From India

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White tea, the most subtle and delicate of tea types, is still quite rare outside its birthplace, Fujian province in China. New exotic and very special types from high altitude regions of Darjeeling are just starting to make their appearance.

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7 best Indian white teas to buy online

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Arya Pearl Darjeeling First Flush Organic White Tea

An exclusive and extremely rare spring White Tea from one of Darjeeling's flagship organic plantations, Arya. Handpicked just before sunrise, the Arya Pearl populars retains the 'two leaf & a bud' look, contrary to white teas which generally bear a silver needle appearance. Manufactured from ...

White Darjeeling

White tea from the Darjeeling region of India. A rare treat from the Rohini estate, nestled along the picturesque slopes of the Himalayas. Similar in appearance to the White Peony tea of China, the Darjeeling version is equally sublime. This early spring tea offers young leaves and delicate ...

Organic White Tea Leaves from Darjeeling, Sourced Direct from the Okayti Tea Estate

Handpicked from the most delicate and tender portions of the tea bush, early morning and just before sunrise, this Indian White Tea  from the Okayti tea plantation in Darjeeling, is a class apart. The fluffy silver needles of this white tea Darjeeling tea are manufactured to perfection and display ...

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