Indian Oolong Tea

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Indian Oolong is a relatively new type of tea.

Tea evolves. In the age of globalization, tea producers get inspiration from the world, embrace new ideas and new techniques. As a result, we see new trends and new products. India, historically known for its remarkable blacks, increasingly introduces new types of tea, lighter and greener on the oxidation scale. Darjeeling oolongs, young, and bright, and very promising – represent a new generation of Indian tea.

What kind of tea is it?

Best Darjeeling oolongs, although a departure from full-fermented traditional Indian teas, tend to maintain muscatel flavor of their ancestors. They produce light amber clear infusion with pronounced astringency and sweet finish.

(see our top 7 picks below)

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Top 7 best Oolong teas from India

Mim Special Darjeeling First Flush Organic Oolong Tea

An ecstatic early spring Darjeeling tea from the mysterious mountain bushes of the organic Mim tea estate in Darjeeling. Discover sweet succulent notes of fresh fruits, flora and honey which finish on a long lingering note. The opulent dry leaf scents of fresh spring orchards with notes of cooked ...

Teabox Oolong Tea Collection

Teabox brings you a novel way to experience our Oolong teas. We give you an option to try 10 grams of each of the Oolong tea below so that you can taste and then decide which one you like and would order more

​​High Mountain Oolong Tea Leaves from the Himalaya​​s

An exotic loose leaf oolong tea hand-plucked, rolled & manufactured by passionate tea workers in the mystical high elevation plantations of Darjeeling in India. Harvested at the foothills of the Himalayas, facing the mighty snow laden peaks, the incredible aroma, flavour & taste found in ...

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