Japanese Green Tea: easy guide, top 10 best teas

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Last updated: November 22, 2019 at 18:39 pm

Japanese Green Tea. Why is it special?

Most types of Japanese green teas are briefly steamed vs. pan-fired Chinese tea styles. The heat has to be applied to halt oxidation process in tea leaves. The result is a vegetal, umami cup of tea, full of aroma and amino acids. Best of Japanese green teas have a distinctive bright emerald color and rich brothy flavor with subtle notes of seaweed and ocean iodine.

The Art Of Tea

Green tea is omnipresent in Japan. Once served only to Buddhist monks, aristocrats, and warriors, it became widespread. Now, it is a part of nation’s culture with its own traditions and rituals. Japanese Tea Ceremony is an ancient form of art and a spiritual way to commune with nature and with friends. 

The Price Tag

Japanese green tea is not exactly cheap and there are some valid reasons for this. Japan is a small, densely populated country, hence the skyrocketing price of the agricultural land. Add to this labor cost of highly skilled tea workers and limited availability of Japanese tea. Japanese produce only about 10% of world green tea and leave most of it for themselves. Japanese tea constitutes less than 2% of all exported green tea in the world.

Types Of Japanese Green Tea

Most of the tea consumed in Japan is green and it is simply referred as ocha (tea). That being said, Japanese green tea has assorted types and flavors that vary significantly depending on numerous factors. Here are some of them:

  • growing regions
  • methods of production
  • time of harvesting
  • parts of the tea plant used for the tea production
Enjoy our handcrafted Sencha Green tea in this eco-friendly, biodegradable pyramid sachet. Traditional organic Japanese-style green tea, deep steamed and carefully dried, it brews a lively, grassy cup.
We call this tea Japanese Sencha because not all Sencha on the market is from Japan. Our Sencha is a very fine one from the central Shizuoka province, and can be found in many homes in Tokyo. It is a pleasant and approachable green tea – a fine choice for everyday, in the way our founder John Harney always began his mornings with this cup.
The exceptional top tier Gyokuro Imperial is intuitively paired with toasted brown rice resulting in a highly aromatic medium bodied green tea blend. The taste is pleasant with a hint of nutty roasted rice and a mild aftertaste. Genmaicha is perfect with meals, warm conversation or quiet contemplation; especially popular during cold winter time.
Authentic Japanese Origin . Our tea leaves are sourced primarily from the Uji region (Kyoto Prefecture), which sits on the southeast border of the city of Kyoto, and is the oldest and most premiere matcha growing region in Japan. We also work with farmers in the lush Kyushu region in southern Japan, which enjoys an ideal growing clima..
Organic Japanese Green Tea. Exceptional Traditional Gyokuro Tea. Luxurious Loose Tea. Antioxidant Rich. Umami. Beautifying, Slimming, Detox Tea. Yame Gyokuro Grade 1 is the highest quality shade grown Gyokuro from Yame, Japan
Gyokuro, a shade grown steamed green tea, is among the finest of Japanese teas. While the young leaves of the spring season develop, the tea plants are shaded from sun for several weeks. This slows the growth allowing, tea leaves more time to develop depth and flavor. The sun-deprived leaves are higher in chlorophyll, which explains their vivid green color. They're a..
100% Certified Organic Matcha. Increases energy and focus, and lifts your vitality and concentration with the slow release of nutrients. Our Matcha provides hours of steady energy without the caffeine crash.
This green tea blends classic green tea leaves, matcha powder and Asian yuzu fruit for an enticing combination of green tea and citrus.
Genmai Cha is a classic Japanese green tea, blended with toasted, popped rice. Originally created to stretch short supplies of tea, now enjoyed by tea lovers here and abroad. Warm and nutty taste, with a lovely savory quality. A hearty cup of tea that is easy to combine with food. Genmai Cha is a great solution for those seeking a substantial, but less astringent,..
This refreshing blend consists of peppermint and Hojicha, a roasted Japanese green tea. Chocolate mint grasshopper confections capture the essence of this tea. There's no flavoring involved, but the peppermint leaves pull chocolate notes from the roasted tea resulting in a guilt-free decadent taste and aroma. Hojicha is naturally lower in caffeine than other green tea..

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