Jasmine Pearl Green Tea: easy guide, 6 best teas

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Last updated: August 28, 2019 at 16:32 pm

What is Jasmine Pearl tea?

A higher quality Chinese jasmine green tea usually takes the shape of jasmine scented hand rolled ‘pearls’, each consisting of two young leaves and an unopened bud. These pearls unfurl in your cup, releasing the combined aromas of green tea and sweet jasmine. The tea leaves themselves have characteristic silver tips and are picked when young for a soft, subtle flavor.

The legend of the Dragon Pearl

As per Chinese mythology, a young girl from a village near Fuzhou, Fujian Province, sought the help of a mystical dragon in curing her seriously ailing brother. The dragon is believed to have soared high up into the sky and developed a beautiful pearl on his chest. A droplet of water fell from this pearl and gave rise to a tea bush. The girl tended to this miraculous bush, picked its leaves, dried them with jasmine flowers, and shaped them into ‘dragon pearls’. Tea brewed from these pearls cured her brother and originated the tradition of drinking Jasmine green tea throughout the region.

The fruit of labor is the sweetest

Traditionally, real jasmine blossoms are added to green tea while tea leaves are still drying and easily absorb the lavor of natural flowers. After a few hours, the jasmine flowers are removed and replaced with fresh ones. The process might be repeated up to 7 times. Then, the tea leaves are rolled into tiny balls, preserving the scents inside. The process is laborious and time consuming, but the result is definitely worth it. Delicate jasmine flowers do not possess the strength of industrial flavorings and essential oils. The idea is that floral component should not dominate, but rather subtly complement the vegetal green tea flavor in your cup.

Jasmine green tea: tasting notes

Jasmine green tea makes a pale yellow infusion, balancing a strong, bold aroma with a crisp jasmine scent. “Sweet and floral tasting, with no bitterness”, this tea easily makes its way to the average green tea drinkers favorites list. It has a lingering aftertaste, and leaves you with “the presence of jasmine in the back of the throat”. The subtle, sweet floral tones make this a “delightful summer tea”, refreshing, sweet, tremendously fragrant.

Tea tips

Authentic Jasmine green tea will have a flowery taste, in addition to its floral smell. Lower quality commercially scented floral teas may be flavored with variety of essential oils, natural and artificial flavorings. The real thing will always be more subtle and delicate.

While we love œregular jasmine tea, our Jasmine Pearls take the jasmine experience to another level that is more elegantly complex. In fact, there is so much effort that goes into each of these little tea pearls that people often think we are crazy. First, we only use the two leaves and a bud of each stalk (the most tender part of the tea plant). Next, we layer t..
An age old tradition handed down from generation to generation, our imperial jasmine dragon pearls are the best you can buy. Crafted in Fujian province in china, organically grown aromatic night blooming jasmine flowers are layered between fresh young green tea leaves and buds eight to ten times infusing the tea with their distinct and exquisite floral aroma. The jasm..
Organic Jasmine Scented Green Tea. Dating back over 1000 years, the traditional tea scenting techniques are still used to make this special tea. Aromatic organic jasmine blossoms are used for scenting the most tender organic green tea leaves and buds then hand rolled into small pearls. This restorative tea is exquisite in flavor and aroma and yields a clear, light..
Jasmine Yin Hao (meaning 'Silver Tip') is a deeply perfumy green tea from the Fujian province of China. Very layered and lingering floral aroma. Soft, full-bodied and sweet flavor with a slight dryness in the finish. Our Jasmine Yin Hao grade is among the highest for green jasmine teas. This jasmine green tea has been infused with jasmine many times over to create a t..
Jasmine Phoenix Pearls are perfumy, hand-rolled jewels of tea from Fuding, in Fujian province, China. Any fan of jasmine tea should try this specially crafted wonder. When added to hot water, Jasmine Phoenix Pearls majestically unfurl, releasing their delicate scent and flavor. Also known as 'Jasmine Dragon Pearls', their liquor is sweet and almost sugary. Very s..
Premium loose leaf jasmine pearls Origin: China. This is a very high grade green tea from China's Fujian region. The tea leaves are hand-picked in the spring, lightly scented with fresh jasmine petals, and expertly shaped into 'pearls'. It brews into a heavenly tea with a gorgeous aroma. The leaves may be re-infused multiple times. When steeped, the "pearls" slowly un..

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