Lemon Tea

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Lemon tea

  • Refreshing, soothing, uplifting

Lemon tea varieties

  • Green Tea, Black tea, Rooibos

Tea tips

  • Flavor pairings that work: chamomile, honey, ginger
  • Great iced or hot

10 best lemon teas to buy online

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2Qt Iced Tea Pouches – Meyer Lemon – Award Winning

Organic Green Tea, Organic Green Rooibos, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Rosehips, Natural Flavors. Your iced tea making adventures just got easier! We've taken the guess work out of measuring out the perfect pitcher of iced tea with these super convenient, biodegradable iced tea pouches. Just drop ...

Keep Fit, Organic

Organic green tea, organic green rooibos, organic lemon myrtle. Blender's Notes:Cold Infusions are organic single-serving cold brew tea packs that pair with Steep & Go to make fresh brewed tea on-the-go. Each pack makes up to 24 oz of tea. Simply cold brew for 10-15 minutes in chilled or room ...

Rooibos Lemon Cloud

Rooibos tea, lemon grass, marigold flowers, natural vanilla flavor and natural lemon flavor. The lemon is such a universal fruit with so many uses. Arguably two of its best applications are desserts and tea. We have combined the tangy citrus flavor with creamy vanilla and a hint of lemongrass. ...

Lemon Balm Tea

A tea with a refreshing lemony scent and flavor. Lemon balm is an herb that is part of the mint family. While it can be good for cosmetic and culinary uses, lemon balm is also useful for making an aromatic, savory tea.

Detox, Organic

Organic lemon peel, organic sage, organic lemon balm, organic lemongrass. Enjoy the effects of botanical ingredients like Sage, Lemon Balm, Lemongrass and Lemon Peel for a soothing natural cleanse.* Your body is constantly being challenged by everyday toxins like alcohol, smoke, food additives, and ...

Lemon Soleil

Black tea, natural lemon flavor and marigold flowers. Lemon and tea seem made for each other. Adagio's Lemon Soleil tea combines the lively taste of bright and brisk Ceylon black tea with the tangy flavor of lemons. Fresh and sweet like Meyer lemons, with a crisp mouthfeel and clean, refreshing ...

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