Mango Tea Blends: easy guide, top 10 best teas

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Last updated: September 7, 2019 at 10:59 am

Mango tea blends: flavor highlights

Sweet, summery and delicious, mangoes immediately put you in the mood for a sun-kissed tropical getaway. With mango tea, comes the ability to sample the luscious, stirring flavor of mango together with your choice of tea or herbs. A good cup of mango tea is nothing short of a work of art, and like art, there are no fixed rules or typologies here. You’ll find mango flavored black teas, green teas and oolongs, as well as caffeine free herbal teas and rooibos blends softly laced with mango. Makes for the perfect way to add more happiness to your daily cup of tea!

The magic of mangoes

Mangoes, native to Southeast Asia, have been revered throughout the history of the region. They have been an integral part of the cultural and culinary traditions of the Indian subcontinent, featuring in a range of chutneys and pickles, besides serving as one of the most popular fruits consumed in the region. There are thousands of different varieties of mangoes worldwide, all packed with nutrients and savory sweetness.

Tasting notes

Mango flavoring, when added to a strong black tea, gives it a “light fruity aroma” that’s “not too overwhelming” and has a “nice sweet/tart ratio”. The flavor turns “slightly bitter when over-steeped”. Mango flavored green teas and oolongs, being lighter than black teas, “steep well with multiple infusions”, and combine “the familiar earthiness of a good green and the tropical sweetness of mango”. Generally, mango teas taste “even better when iced”, especially if you purchase all-herbal blends featuring lemongrass, hibiscus, orange peel and the like. These have “alluring aromas” and can be consumed without adding sweeteners.

Tea tips

The sweet flavor of mango presents tons of opportunities to style your cup of tea into something beautiful. Mango flavored tea pairs well with herbal accents such as orange peel, lemongrass and rose hips. Also, while you’re at it, do try making a batch of iced mango tea; it’s naturally sweet and refreshing!

best value
Mango, the king of tropical fruits, has a very rich nutritional value and a delicate taste. TeaVivre's fruit tea is a blend of dried mangoes, apples, coconuts, chrysanthemums and edible flavoring. It combines the sweetness of mango with the comfort flavor of coconut. No matter brew it hot or cold, it's a great choice for your party, picnic or barbecue time...
great gift
A terrific selection of our 6 Fruit Tea blends, all in one box. Each blend is unique, but all are herbal, so you can enjoy to your heart's content. All blends are perfect hot or iced. Includes the following teas: Blood Orange: Our Blood Orange Fruit Tea, a brilliant blend of dried fruit, has the lovely and distinctive twist found in blood oranges. Delicious hot or cold, it brews an aromatic and vivid shade of orange. Strawberry Kiwi:
Bright and sunny, our turmeric tea has the fruity, sweet taste of juicy mangos and the zest of Florida oranges. The fruitiness balances the earthiness of the turmeric, widely popular for its health benefits, while ginger and peppercorn enliven your senses. Savor the taste as you heal your body.
The Republic of Tea's Mango Ceylon Metabolic Frolic Tea has quickly become one of the most popular flavors. Great served hot or cold, this uplifting black tea will convert even the most adamant coffee drinkers. The light and sweet flavors of mango and sunflower blossoms combine with fine black tea to create a superior taste and an invigorating fragrance. The tropical..
Rosehips, orange peel, safflower, hibiscus, lemongrass, mango flavor, citric acid, passionfruit flavor, and licorice powder.
Organic Black Tea, Malva Flowers, Organic Cornflowers, Organic Safflowers, Natural Flavors. Fresh, fruity and complex in flavor, this exotic medley has an enticing floral aroma with high notes of summer ripened mangoes and passionfruit. Steeps a vibrant reddish hue with a clean, sweet finish and is great hot or iced.Caffeine Content: Medium Fruity, Tropical, Brigh..
Decaf ceylon tea, apple pieces, natural mango flavor, mango pieces and marigold flowers. Our Decaf Mango Black tea combines the natural citrusy quality of premium Ceylon black tea with the flavor of perfectly ripened mangoes. Juicy texture, creamy-dry finish with great floral aromatics and candy sweetness. A gentle, natural decaffeination process retains the delic..
Rose hips inclusion loose, hibiscus inclusion loose, apple pieces, natural mango flavor and mango pieces. Fresh mango pieces, apple and hibiscus flowers come together for a tangy, fruity tropical blend. Deep, rosy red cup with a juicy texture and sweet, soft mango finish. Completely caffeine free and no sugar or other sweeteners. Summertime calls...
Green tea, natural mango flavor, apple pieces, mango pieces and marigold flowers. An ancient Hindu legend recounts the story of the mango tree growing from the ashes of the sun princess, who had been incinerated by an evil sorceress. When the mango ripened and fell, the beautiful princess emerged again. Our Mango Green tea combines the vegetal goodness of green te..
Black tea, mallow flowers, marigolds, mango & passionfruit flavoring. Blender's Notes:Mango Tango is a fresh take on the classic tradition of flavored black teas. This blend of crisp Ceylon and fresh passion fruit and mango creates a light and fruity combination that is great any time of year. It brews into a deep, reddish liquor with a heady, bright aroma that lends..

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