Matcha Source


Matcha Source

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Matcha, matcha, and matcha in supersized bags.

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Powdered matcha tea in tins and pauches, gift sets.

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Curious about matcha, but don’t know where to start? Matcha Sourse has a comprehensive guide to matcha grades and matcha accessories.

Matcha Source teas are available in four price points and one blend, Sugar Destroyer Matcha with Gymnema. Our informative and easy to use website offers detailed information on matcha’s renown health benefits and methods of preparation. Expect best quality teas and excellent customer service from Matcha Source.



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Start with complete matcha kit

ALL YOU NEED TO FIND YOUR FOCUS IS IN THIS KIT: one tea bowl, a bamboo whisk and celadon whisk holder, a tea sifter, a bamboo tea scoop, a 30g tin of matcha - yields 15-20 servings.


Buy more matcha in supersized bag

Gotcha Matcha is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, especially the potent and renowned catechin, EGCg. Matcha contains caffeine, which stimulates the body, and amino acids, which relax the mind. A ...


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I’ve heard so much about this tea and finally I got a chance to try it. If you like green tea ice-cream, real Japanese ice-cream, you will love this tea. It is a true gem of green teas, very different in texture and color. Rich green and full of aroma. Just make sure you prepare it in a glass cup so you can truly enjoy not only the taste, but the look as well!

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