Nilgiri Tea: easy guide, top 7 best teas

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Last updated: August 28, 2019 at 22:14 pm

What is Nilgiri tea?

Nilgiri tea is produced in the Nilgiris District of southern India.

What kind of tea is it?

Smooth, balanced, strong flavored, popular base for flavored teas.

Tea tips

Nilgiri produces a rare type of tea, known as a “frost tea” harvested in the winter. The quick chill creates a concentrated sweet, very similar to what you would find in an “ice wine.”

The Minister of Evolution has traveled to great heights to discover this most unique and flavorful tea. Originating in the Southern Ghats Mountains in India within the Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu, these high grown leaves (7,000 ft) are tended by the Badagas, a local community of agriculturists.
Courtesy of the renowned Glendale Tea estate from the tranquil region of Nilgiri, our Blue Mountain Nilgiri Oolong Tea is blessed with an array of nutty and tropical fruit flavours with uplifting floral tones of orchids and cherry blossom. A sweet and mellow liquor with a hint of astringency and a lingering aftertaste. Truly a luscious cup that is best enjoyed with a dash of sugar or honey!
We love this green tea for its robustness and for the layered flavors which keep the palate excited with their peaks and lows. They turn big quite fast and mellow down just as quickly. No single note lingers long enough, thereby offering you a plethora of experiences to cherish in a single cup. You will surely love discovering new flavors and textures as you make..
NILGIRI ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEA - This finest English tea is harvested at the perfect peak season from select gardens of the region to ensure the natural richness in flavor & aroma.
Organic Black Tea. This bright and brisk high grown estate whole leaf Nilgiri tea has been carefully hand blended with smooth rich Yunnan golden buds to create a supremely classic infusion that can be enjoyed at any time of day.Caffeine Content: Medium Brisk, Full BodyWinner: Best Black Iced Tea - World Tea Expo
A premium breakfast blend created by our master tasters with teas sourced from popular estates located right next to the town of Conoor in the tea growing region of southern India. The flavor is characteristic of typical dark black teas and an appealing dark amberish liquor. The flavor is full-bodied and rich with intense and clear notes of rosewood. A delightful bris..
Organic & Fair Trade Black TeaSingle-estate premium loose leaf tea Origin: India, Nilgiri Mountains. 100% Organic & Fair TradeThese rich burgundy leaves from India's Nilgiri Mountains steep into a bright amber liquor, with a well-rounded body that floats on your palate with hints of ripe summer blackberries. This Fair Trade Certified black tea from the Iyerpadi Estate..

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