Rose Tea Blends: easy guide, top 12 best teas

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Herbal Rose Tea: flavor highlights

Take time to smell the roses, they say. Luckily, there’s such a thing as rose tea to bring some serenity into our time-strapped lives! Rose teas exist in countless delightful varieties. From strong black or delicate green teas laced with fragrant rose petals, to dreamy white teas infused with rosebuds, to a range of herbal blends featuring rosehips and a symphony of herbs, flowers and spices, rose teas gently introduce your senses to a quiet, happy realm where you’ll love to linger. The fact that rose flavored teas are often served in wedding receptions and other romantic occasions, is no surprise.

Fragrant, floral, and famous

The sweet, lilting scent of rose petals is among the most recognizable fragrances in the world. We often come across it in perfumes, cosmetics, and even desserts. In fact, rose oil and rose petals were historically used in perfumes and skin-care concoctions originating in Persia, Arabia, and India. Drinking herbal brews with rose petals has also been a tradition in many cultures. Rosehips, now identified as good sources of Vitamin C, were an important ingredient in Chinese traditional medicines.

Tasting notes

Rose teas are “smooth, light and delicate”, “sweet without being cloying”, and “perfect for special occasions”. Herbal teas with rose buds as their chief ingredients, make “elegant”, “golden and luminous” liquors with a “soothing and velvety” flavor. The effect is similar in rose flavored white teas. Rose buds or rose petals add an “enchanting aroma” to green teas, turning them into “enjoyable evening drinks”. When added to black teas (usually in conjunction with lychee or other fruit flavors), rose buds create a “warm earthiness” that is “floral but not overpowering”.

Tea tips

Rose teas have a characterizing fragrance that blends very well with other floral aromas and fruit additives. Try dreamy rose tea blends with added accents of hibiscus, lavender, and chamomile. You can definitely add these botanical accents to your rose-flavored teas. Being a tea blender is not that hard, really. Rose fragrance is perfect for a soothing end-of-the-day drink. If, on the other hand, you prefer strong caffeine-rich drinks, try adding rose petals to your favorite Ceylon black tea to give it a pleasant floral dimension. Rose teas can also be accented with chocolate (cocoa nibles), vanilla, or orange blossoms.

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