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What is Sencha tea?

Sencha green tea is the most popular and beloved tea of Japan. As most others types of Japanese tea, it is produced with the steamed method. Sencha tea leaves are traditionally rolled into needle shapes to preserve their scent and flavor. If you take a closer look, you might notice tiny pieces of broken leaves. Do not consider it as an imperfection. These fine particles add to the rich mouthfeel and luxurious velvety texture of the infusion.

What kind of tea is it?

Mild, grassy (think of cooked spinach and artichokes), balanced right between salty and sweet. Some will offer a hint of astringency.

Fukamushi Sencha

Fukamushi (deep-steamed) sencha deserves a special note here. No other tea can offer such a thick full-bodied brew, mellow buttery flavor, and darker green color. During fukamushi tea production, the tea leaves are steamed much longer than usual. Sometimes, they are deep steamed, broken, and then steamed again. That is why Fukamushi sencha tea leaves have very fine, almost dust-like texture. When properly steeped (just 30 seconds is enough), the tea produces rich, characteristically cloudy infusion without a hint of bitterness.


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Top 10 Japanese Sencha green teas to buy online


Fukamushi Sencha

Green Tea. Our Fukamushi is grown on the foothills of an active volcano in Kirishima, Kagoshima. Harvested from the Saemidori cultivar, this high quality organic sencha exhibits excellent color and flavor. Shade grown in a region known for its thick cover of fog, the forest green of the leaf is ...


Sencha tea with rolled leaves is considered the drink of hospitality in Japan. It is grown in the Shizuoka region on the Pacific coast in a harsh climate. When brewed the liquid is clear, its subtle flavour and its iodine and vegetal notes make it a very refreshing beverage. Traditional Japanese ...

Ocha & Co. Premium Organic Japanese Fukamushi Green Tea

The tea has an intense green color, fuller flavour with distinctive fine-floating tea particles. Smooth and elegant.The extra steaming process breaks down the leaf structure releasing valuable nutrients into the brew. Made with young organically grown leaves from a JAS/ECOCERT certified organic ...

Sencha Tea Sachets, Organic

Sencha is steamed soon after being harvested, bringing the deep emerald color and refreshing flavor from the leaf to the brew. The sweet grassy flavor of this classic Japanese tea dances with salty undertones, as the herbaceous aroma rounds out your cup with a perfect umami finish. Enjoy this ...

Sencha Overture

Sencha is a steamed green tea from the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan, harvested in the early summer (the second flush). It produces a rich, brothy texture, with a clean, very refreshing green aroma. The cup develops a sweet flavor reminiscent of tender steamed veggies and fresh seaweed, with a ...

Sencha Premier

Steamed green tea from the Shizuoka prefecture of Japan, harvested in the early spring (the first flush). Sencha is one of Japan's most popular and beloved teas. The higher grades, like our Sencha Premier, tend to have more delicate flavor profiles. A crisp and clean cup with notes of freshly ...

Rishi Tea Organic Sencha Loose Leaf Tea, 2.12 Ounces Tin

Sencha is the most beloved tea of Japan. Developed in the 18th century, the process of making Sencha has evolved into the art and science of preserving the fresh green character and healthy components of tealeaves. Our best-selling sencha profile comes from a special blend of multiple varietals and ...

Sencha Green Tea

A Japanese green tea with a crisp savory taste. This green tea variety originates from Japan, made of leaves that are rolled and steamed to prevent them from oxidizing. It is the most popular tea variety in Japan, and is now appreciated by tea lovers across the world.

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