Strawberry Tea: easy guide, top 10 best teas

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Strawberry tea: flavor highlights

If you like fruity flavors enough to want them in your daily cuppa, you’ll love strawberry tea. Strawberry teas do a great job of keeping things simple. They’re classic, they’re subtle, and they’re just sweet-tart enough to add a little complexity to every sip. Dried strawberries or strawberry flavorings are often added to black, green or white tea bases, along with other fruits and flowers. They also lend themselves well to caffeine free herbal blends, including those made with rooibos.

Strawberries and tea – a happy couple

When an entire nation loves tea, timeless tea drinking traditions are born – the English ritual of afternoon tea, for instance. But did you know that English tea drinking traditions are way more elaborate than a single serving of afternoon tea? In fact, there is such a thing as ‘strawberry tea’, a springtime special wherein cups of tea are served in the morning or afternoon, accompanied by fresh strawberries and cream. While you mull over the deliciousness, we should also point out that like any other fruit tea, strawberry teas can get you a daily dose of Vitamin C, provided you purchase a batch with actual strawberries in it.

Tasting notes

Strawberry teas, with their “delightful aroma” and “pleasant sweetness”, often invoke the feel of “summer in a cup”. When added to black teas, they “create a refreshing and flavorful cup”, and “smooth out the aftertaste” of black tea. Strawberry flavored green teas are “rich and relaxing”, with a “natural sweetness” that offsets any vegetal notes that the green tea might have. All-herbal, caffeine-free blends with strawberries, cinnamon, vanilla, and a host of other flowers and fruits, are popular for their ability to serve as “excellent dessert teas”. They also make a “nice replacement for sodas”.

Tea tips

Strawberries can hit it off with a number of herbs, flowers, fruits and spices. Strawberry teas always work well with mint leaves or a dash of lemon juice, especially when iced. Other flavor pairings that work include rosehips, hibiscus and vanilla. When brewing a batch of strawberry tea that has other floral ingredients, you might want to wait till the second or third steep to get a stronger strawberry flavor.

Top 10 Best Strawberry Teas

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