Top 10 Best Darjeeling Teas

Best Darjeeling Tea

Our top best lists are diverse, if not eclectic, reflecting the sheer variety of tea styles out there. Some of that best buys are classic teas crafted to perfection, others sport unconventional flavors or offer reliable and consistent quality at a bargain… and some are just Editor’s personal favorites. All are amazing, tried and true!

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1st Flush Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling “Limited Edition”

This wonderful Indian Darjeeling is the best first flush that we have ever had the privilege of tasting, and is available in very strictly limited quantities, so don't miss out! We only have limited stock quantity of Darjeeling Margaret's Hope First Flush available, and it is already proving ...

White Darjeeling

White tea from the Darjeeling region of India. A rare treat from the Rohini estate, nestled along the picturesque slopes of the Himalayas. Similar in appearance to the White Peony tea of China, the Darjeeling version is equally sublime. This early spring tea offers young leaves and delicate ...

Arya Pearl Darjeeling First Flush Organic White Tea

An exclusive and extremely rare spring White Tea from one of Darjeeling's flagship organic plantations, Arya. Handpicked just before sunrise, the Arya Pearl populars retains the 'two leaf & a bud' look, contrary to white teas which generally bear a silver needle appearance. Manufactured from ...

Mim Special Darjeeling First Flush Organic Oolong Tea

An ecstatic early spring Darjeeling tea from the mysterious mountain bushes of the organic Mim tea estate in Darjeeling. Discover sweet succulent notes of fresh fruits, flora and honey which finish on a long lingering note. The opulent dry leaf scents of fresh spring orchards with notes of cooked ...

Darjeeling Puttabong Summer

Black tea from the famous Darjeeling region of India. This summer harvest tea comes to us from one of our favorites, Puttabong Estate. These tea gardens are some of the highest in the world, at 6000 feet above sea level. At these high altitudes, the tea leaves grow more slowly, and have more time ...

Green Darjeeling

Cherished by connoisseurs for its delicate flavours, Darjeeling has been grown in Northern India for over 150 years. This golden colored tea has a light flavour that is aromatic and floral, with a hint of Muscat grape. The unfermented version offered here emphasises its fresh notes. It is best ...

Organic White Tea Leaves from Darjeeling, Sourced Direct from the Okayti Tea Estate

Handpicked from the most delicate and tender portions of the tea bush, early morning and just before sunrise, this Indian White Tea  from the Okayti tea plantation in Darjeeling, is a class apart. The fluffy silver needles of this white tea Darjeeling tea are manufactured to perfection and display ...

The Tao of Tea, First Flush Darjeeling Black Tea, Loose Leaf

The Tao of Tea, First Flush Darjeeling Black Tea, Loose Leaf

Darjeeling N°37

Darjeeling tea has been grown in the Himalayan region for over 150 years. This origin tea has a subtle bitterness and lightly spiced notes. It is best enjoyed by itself because drinking it with food may conceal its great delicacy. Black Darjeeling tea - Protected geographical indication

Irish Blend

Irish Blend is a tasty blend of two black teas from India: a light, aromatic Darjeeling with notes of Muscat grape, and an Assam tea that is known for being naturally full-bodied with a round flavour. This subtle and deliciously balanced blend will delight those who like intense teas. black Assam ...

Darjeeling Tea

Smooth black tea from the Darjeeling province. Enjoy the classic taste of this traditional Indian brew with our organic Darjeeling tea. This popular black tea variant is known for its delightful fragrance, golden color and rich flavor, and is enjoyed by many cultures around the world.

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