Xinyang Mao Jian (Xinyang Hairy Tips)

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What is Xinyang Mao Jian tea?

Widely recognized as one of China’s most famous and well-loved green teas, Xinyang Mao Jian has for centuries featured as China’s favorite hot weather tea. It is native to the Henan Province, where high altitude forests, along with their cold humid environs and fertile soil, give the tea its rich, refreshing notes. The tender, dark green, pointy leaves are picked in early spring, and twisted into narrow spindles enclosing young tea buds.

Tasting notes

Xinyang Mao Jian makes a tarnished gold” infusion with a “clean-sipping, silky-smooth” texture, with a “strong vegetal smell”, and a “pleasantly full and pronounced” aftertaste. The first brew is “creamy and fresh with flavors of green beans and peas”, while the third or fourth might develop “brisk and grassy notes”. Xinyang Mao Jian’s bold aroma with some astringency to it might not be as delicate and sophisticated as that of Bi Luo Chun and some others high end teas. Nevertheless, it is a great everyday tea, priced accordingly.

Tea tips

Authentic Mao Jian leaves can be identified by their long, narrow, needle-fine dry leaves, with a roasted nutty aroma as well as a subtle floral scent.

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Top 3 best Xinyang Mao Jian teas to buy online

Mao Jian Jade Tips, Organic

Organic Chinese Green Tea Origin: Henan Province, China. A phenomenal single-origin, organic green tea from northern China - this Mao Jian is smooth, rich, and absolutely lovely. It's grown in high-altitude cloud forests where the unique microclimate keeps the soil highly fertile. The dark green ...

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